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Donkey Kong Jr Tabletop

(This product has a limit set to 5 item(s) per order)
All games are assembled when ordered. Please allow up to 2 1/2 weeks for shipment.

Our newest product. Features 17" LCD set back in cabinet to emulate a more real arcade experience.  

Donkey Kong Jr Themed! 

All of our games are precision cut on CNC equipment
We use 1/2 inch MDF for construction unless noted otherwise. 

These have the same controls that full size games do so you get that "arcade" feel.

Features a 17" LCD, 8-Way joystick and 3 Buttons, T-molding on edges, mono speaker.
Joystick may vary in color/style from pictures due to stock on hand.

Custom side and control panel graphics. 
Graphics are printed on commercial grade vinyl not cheap sticker paper.
Unit measures aprox. 16"w x 14"d x 23"h and weighs in at 35lbs makes it perfect for tabletop, bartop, coffee table, etc.
Volume is controlled in the settings menu.
Games can not be continued.
Also high score saving is said to work by the board manufacture but we have found it works off and on, this is an issue with all 60 in 1 boards that I know of.

Please note: Multi game boards balance there sound between all games on the board and therefore are known to not be an exact game sound match.  

Shipping will be over sized! Of course local pick is always free.
Any questions just ask!
No International Shipping - Sorry !!
**Canada OK**
Games Included:
·         1942
·         1943
·         Amidar
·         Arkanoid
·         Bomb Jack
·         Burger Time
·         Centipede
·         Crush Roller
·         Dig Dug
·         Dig Dug 2
·         Donkey Kong
·         Donkey Kong 3
·         Donkey Kong Junior
·         Frogger
·         Galaga
·         Galaga 3
·         Galaxian
·         Gyruss
·         Hustler
·         Jr. Pac-Man
·         Juno First
·         King & Balloon
·         Ladybug
·         Mappy
·         Millipede
·         Moon Cresta
·         Mr Do's Castle
·         Mr. Do!
·         Ms. Pac-Man
·         New Rally X
·         Pac-Man
·         Pac-Man Plus
·         Pengo
·         Phoenix
·         Pinball Action
·         Qix
·         Scramble
·         Shao-Lin's Road
·         Space Invaders
·         Space Panic
·         Super Breakout
·         Super Cobra
·         Super Pacman
·         Tank Battalion
·         Time Pilot
·         Van-Van Car
·         Xevious
·         Zaxxon
·         Pooyan
·         Pleiads
·         Gunsmoke
·         1943 Kai
·         Congo Bongo
·         Jumping Jack
·         Ms. Pac-Man (Speed-up version)
·         Galaga (Speed-up version)
·         Pac-Man (Speed-up version)
·         Jr. Pac-Man (Speed-up version)
·         Pac-Man Plus (Speed-up version)
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