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Popeye Tabletop 3 Horizontal

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----   Tabletop 3 Horizontal   ----

Features a 17" LCD horizontal mounted and set back in cabinet to emulate a more real arcade experience.  
This model is an upgrade to our current 60 in 1 vertical mount cabinets. While they do look similar, I have made a number of improvements. IE using 1/4” acrylic for the bezel, adding a divider on the bottom to hide all the wiring, 5 watt amp for volume control, better ventilation  just to name a few.

These come with a Pandoras Box 9 included with 1500 games installed, you can add your own roms also! There are various resources on the internet on the proper procedure doing it. I cannot provide any support in that process.

Shown with 3 buttons but they are available with up to 6 although only a few of the fighting type games use more than 4 buttons. If you would like more please let me know and I will add them at no extra cost!

Trackball option is not available on these, sorry!
Available in all the same themes our other games are, just let me know if you would like a different theme.

All of our games are precision cut on CNC equipment. 

We use the same controls that full-size games do so you get that "arcade" feel.

Features are a 17" LCD, ¼” acrylic bezel, 8-Way joystick and 3 Buttons, T-molding on edges, mono speaker, a “false floor” to hide un-slightly wiring and all electronics. 

Joystick may vary in color/style from pictures due to stock on hand.  If you would prefer a 4-way stick just let me know.

Ready to play with Pandoras Box 9 included
Custom control panel graphics based on original panel. 
Graphics are printed on commercial grade vinyl not cheap sticker paper.
Unit measures approx. 17"w x 14"d x 23"h and weighs in at 35lbs makes it perfect for tabletop, bartop, coffee table, etc.
Games cannot be continued.
Shipping will be over sized! Of course, local pick is always free.
Any questions just ask!



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