Effective 7-1-2020 I will no longer be doing pre-sales due to a lot of issues with recent buyers not understanding what made to order is.
This does not apply if you wish to order 2 or more, just let me know.
If one is in stock from now on it is boxed and ready to ship.

All games are assembled when ordered, unless noted otherwise.

Please allow 3-4 weeks build time.

 ----Upcoming possible price increases----

Due to the Coronavirus possibly starting to soon effect Chinese exports,
my supplier has informed me that prices for some of the components we use may
be going up quite a lot.
I have tried to maintain the current pricing since starting this business in 2012.
I hope to avoid any changes and will be actively looking for other options.

 Have a store? Want to sell our games? We offer a nice discount on purchases of 4 or more units, for more info please email resell@doxcade.com.

Due to an issue with the 412 and 619 multi boards we can no longer offer those until the manufactuer fixes the issue.

We no longer offer the Raspberry PI option due to support issues. If you would still like a PI version it will be your
responsibility t
o put software and games on it. I can supply you with websites that have downloads and tutorials on how to do it.

Added A few new themes! Be sure and check those out!

If you're coming here from our eBay auctions, yes the price is lower here due to the outrageous fees eBay now charges its sellers.



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